Logistics and Inventory Management Coordinator

New York, NY

Posted: February 07, 2019

Logistics & Distribution Team

FOODMatch’s supply chain sources, develops and imports specialty products from 14 countries and 5 continents.  The Logistics and Distribution Team’s primary objective is to ensure smooth sailing from these points to end user points.  The team takes ownership of the finished products from production and manages the international shipping, domestic warehousing and customer delivery.

Functional Description

The FOODMatch Logistics & Distribution team provides a demanding, fast-paced opportunity in a competitive industry.  We are looking for a motivated individual who seeks opportunities in ocean freight and domestic transportation coordination, warehouse operations, customer integration and supply chain strategy.

What you can expect:

You are afforded opportunities for meaningful growth through the following activities:

  • Ocean Freight Coordination – Associates are responsible for accurate timelines for container arrival to the United States.  The key objectives will be to work with the supply planning team to manage inventory arrival dates, track containers in route from international factories and ensure regulatory filings are made with our customs broker.  This role has regular interaction with our supply planning and domestic logistics teams to ensure key service metrics are met. 
    • Document Management by sending shipping documents to Customs Brokers
    • Verifying Item Quantities shipped from vendors by Receiving Container Orders into Transit
    • Data entry of information into Ocean Freight Spreadsheet
    • Container Tracking as needed


  • Inventory Management – Associates work with all our off-site warehouses to reconcile daily inventory reports from the warehouse floor to our database.  The key objective is to match physical inventory to reported inventory.
    • Confirming warehouse Receiving Notices match inventory shipped from vendors.
    • Reconciling quantity and lot number discrepancies with the warehouse and vendor
    • Adjusting inventory as per daily warehouse reports


  • Damage Reconciliation/Inventory Management - The damage recovery efforts include daily/weekly reporting and analysis to help identify defects rising above or below control limits.  This function interacts with warehouse personnel as well as our accounting team.  Specific duties to include:
    • Ordering repacking supplies as needed for good cases and FOODMatch Kit items
    • Coordinating with warehouse repack team to verify damage statistics on a daily/weekly basis and reporting to vendors
    • Work with other FOODMatch teams (Quality Assurance, Accounting, Order Entry, Sales, etc.) to reply to other damage related issues and take acceptable measures to mitigate losses


  • Minimum Qualifications:
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills
  • Ability to adapt to changes in timelines and sequences
  • Ability to work with competing projects simultaneously, meet deadlines and drive results
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Good attitude and positive energy
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