Just In: Our New Partnership with BobbySue’s Nuts

We think you’ll be as nuts about BobbySue’s as we are!

January 06, 2016

FOODMatch and BobbySue's Nuts Announce Partnership

FOODMatch is thrilled to announce a new partnership with BobbySue’s Nuts that will see us become the go-to source for their complete line of foodservice nut mixes. “This is an exciting category for us given the synchronicity between olives, antipasti and nuts,” said Phil Meldrum, President of FOODMatch.  “We seek out partnerships with food innovators that create natural and responsible food that supports the Mediterranean lifestyle.  BobbySue’s Nuts is the epitome of those values.” 

Dubbed “a luxury version of beer nuts and just plain delicious” by the NY Times and proudly served in all 67 Legends Luxury Suites at Yankees Stadium, BobbySue’s Nuts is available in four distinct flavors:

Nuts Over Olives harmoniously blends sweet with savory. Pairing an herb and spice glazed mixture of cashews, almonds and pecans with oven-roasted Divina Greek olives, FOODMatch and BobbySue’s Nuts teamed up to create a Mediterranean trail mix that is revolutionizing the snacking category!

Original is what launched it all; BobbySue’s signature savory recipe of cashews, almonds and pecans in a slightly sweet glaze.

Some Like it Hot takes the original recipe and energizes it with a spicy kick.

It’s Raining Chocolate is a sweeter version of the original recipe, drizzled with three types of organic fair trade chocolate (white, milk and dark).

FOODMatch is an importer and producer of responsibly sourced Mediterranean olives, antipasti and spreads.  Since 1996, FOODMatch has been the industry leader in bringing all-natural, regionally authentic Mediterranean specialties to the American consumer. 

BobbySue’s Nuts was born from a generations-old family recipe for irresistible spiced nuts and is fueled by a passion for animal welfare. In addition to sourcing organic egg whites from cage-free chickens, the company donates 2% of net profits to building animal shelters.

For more information about FOODMatch please contact 212-244-5050, visit or email

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