Regenerative Agriculture

FOODMatch defines Regenerative Agriculture as a farming technique that nourishes the soil and benefits the surrounding ecosystem, including the insects, animals and people living on and around the farmland.

Soil health is the foundation of our regenerative agriculture initiative. Many of our farmers have been caring for their land using regenerative practices such as cover crops, crop rotation and conservation tillage for generations. In fact, olive groves and trees are often inherently regenerative by nature. Olive trees:

  • Live for hundreds of years, creating extensive root systems that prevent soil disturbance and allow for cover crops.
  • Serve as a habitat for animals and a source of income and community for our family farmers who have been practicing regenerative techniques for generations.
  • Sequester (or “hold”) carbon dioxide, playing an important role in combating climate change.

When we make a regenerative claim for one of our products, that means we have vetted that most, if not all of the below core regenerative principles are true for the given ingredient:

  • Supports Biodiversity
  • Minimizes Soil Disturbance
  • Keeps Soil Covered & Maintains Living Roots
  • Maintains Responsible Planting & Harvesting Practices
  • Minimizes Chemical Inputs
  • Utilizes Responsible Water Management
  • Validates Soil Health through Soil Testing

Coming soon in late 2024 to early 2025, look for the QR code on our labels to learn about the specific regenerative ingredients that are part of the Divina collection of olives, antipasti, spreads and ingredients.

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