March 10, 2015

Eat This/Not That: Lasagna

Posted in: Eat This Not That

Beloved by Italian grandmothers and gluttonous comic-strip cats alike, lasagna is one of those foods that seems to be made to bring people together; after all, nobody has ever baked a lasagna for one. When lasagna goes wrong however, the results can be disastrous; limp, soggy noodles and grayish, pebbly meat- It’s not a pretty sight. That’s why this Eat This/Not That is dedicated to getting lasagna right.
As with many Italian delicacies, it also tends to be the case that just about everyone has a family member or some distant relative that makes “the world’s best” version of it. And while we at FOODMatch would never question the unparalleled quality of Aunt Stella’s eggplant lasagna, we do know that Aunt Stella isn’t about to get on a plane from Palermo to cook you dinner this Thursday.
So what to do when that most Garfield-ian of cravings strikes? Don’t even think about setting foot in the frozen foods aisle, and drop the ground chuck too. Our recipe swaps out ground beef for meaty, fire-roasted Divina red peppers and herb-marinated artichoke quarters. Layered with ricotta, Parmesan and mozzarella and baked for just an hour, the result manages to be both gooey and cheesy and yet remarkably vibrant and fresh-tasting thanks to the big flavor of Divina peppers and artichokes. So next time a case of the Mondays has you down, or you’re just gathering the family together for some authentic tasting lasagna that would make Aunt Stella proud, remember Eat This/Not That!

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