National Olive Day 2022

Olive The Ways to Celebrate #NationalOliveDay with FOODMatch & Divina on June 1st


For more than 25 years, FOODMatch and Divina have defined and shaped the olive category in the United States as the premier producer and importer of Mediterranean specialty ingredients. FOODMatch officially established National Olive Day in the United States seven years ago on June 1st (to coincide with the new crop arrival of Kalamata olives) as a way to honor and celebrate one of the oldest and most diverse foods in the world. Each year the company has marked this commemorative day in a fun and exciting way.

And this year is no different. To celebrate National Olive Day this year on June 1st, FOODMatch is launching a new collection of Divina pre-pack deli cups. “We are reinventing our Divina deli cup program to more closely replicate our iconic olive bar experience in a pre-pack, grab-and-go format,” said Brandon Gross, VP of Marketing for FOODMatch. “Retailers and consumers alike will now have the best of both worlds – whether they prefer pre-pack and pack-out cups, the self-serve olive bar, or our popular sealed pouches and jars.

Divina’s new selection of pre-pack deli cups consists of 19 shelf-stable and 6 refrigerated selections including USDA certified organic varietal olives; conventional varietal olives; stuffed and marinated olives; and antipasti, ingredients & cheese mixes.

Key benefits for deli buyers and consumers include:

  • Divina’s signature taste and quality
  • Minimal label and packaging showcasing the product and allowing for an engaging display
  • Greatly reduced labor resources required
  • Enjoy a 10-12 month shelf-life on most items
  • Perfect for curbside pickup and online ordering – activate the olive bar for all shoppers
  • MAP (brineless) selections for fresh flavor and optimal texture

“Divina cups, like our pouches, jams and spreads are a perfect item to cross-merchandise with cheese, charcuterie, crackers and more,” added Gross. “Olive bars across the country are coming back online at full-force because we’ve learned there is no exact replication for the self-serve experience (variety, portion control and freshness) but with this new collection of pre-packed cups, we are ensuring that every customer, no matter where, when or how they shop, has access to our program. Happy National Olive Day!”

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