Introducing a NEW Holiday Spread Collection from Divina


Spread more cheer this holiday season with a delicious lineup of sweet and spicy spreads from Divina. These spreads are perfect for entertaining, cheese boards, cocktail hours, gifting, baked Brie recipes and much more!

“The holiday season is one of the most festive times of the year for entertaining, gathering, and sharing delicious food with family and friends,” said Phil Meldrum, President of FOODMatch. “We are thrilled to offer our retail partners and consumers this wonderful line of spreads to enjoy in a variety of ways starting with the holiday season.” 

Meet the Trio

Date Spread l Item# 20390 l Case Pack: 12/9 oz Glass Jar

This is one date that’s surely going to turn into a love story! Our date spread is handcrafted from sundried dates (and not much else!), and boasts a deeply fruit-forward flavor profile. We love it on cheese boards, topped with toast and almond butter or blended into a smoothie.

Ingredients: dates, cane sugar, citric acid (acidity regulator), fruit pectin. Origin: Greece.

Calabrian Chili Orange Spread Item # 20391 l Case Pack: 12/9 oz Glass Jar

Get ready to be rocked by the sweet-tart-spicy combination of oranges and Calabrian chili peppers! We love this spread on everything from cheese boards to grilled sandwiches and as a glaze for meat, veggies and seafood. This is destined to become your new go-to spread.

Ingredients: cane sugar, orange purée, orange peel, citric acid (acidity regulator), Calabrian chili flakes, Calabrian chili powder, fruit pectin, red chili powder, chili pepper flakes, ascorbic acid (antioxidant). Origin: Greece.

And, back popular demand for a limited time this holiday season is the following fan-favorite:

Fig & Cocoa Spread l Item# 20382 l Case Pack: 12/9 oz Glass Jar

Real Simple magazine's pick for "Best Fig Jam," we use only certified Fair Trade cocoa in this delightfully rich and sweet spread. Pair with blue cheese, top it on ice cream or enjoy over waffles.

Ingredients: figs, cane sugar, cocoa, citric acid (acidity regulator), fruit pectin. Origin: Greece.

Recipe & Application Ideas

While there are a wide variety of ways to enjoy these three spreads, here are a few you will love!

Calabrian Chili Orange Spread: Crafted from fresh oranges and spicy Calabrian chilis, this spread hits on the ever-growing sweet/spicy trend in food and beverage. It can also be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner paired with both sweet and savory dishes.

  • Grilled Fontina and ham sandwich.
  • Mix with cream cheese or mascarpone and top a Belgian waffle, muffin or cupcake.
  • Glazed chicken served over rice and a medley of Asian stir-fry veggies.

Date Spread: Having made many a "top trends of the year" list, dates are growing in popularity for their wonderful flavor and health benefits. This is a truly versatile spread that pairs well with sweet and savory dishes.

  • Blend into a smoothie with almond butter, oat milk and banana.
  • Stuffed French Toast with mascarpone, date spread, and candied walnuts.
  • Moroccan chicken salad with raisins, sliced almonds, dried apricots and equal parts date spread & mayo.

Fig & Cocoa Spread: Made with Aegean figs and free of artificial coloring or flavors, our spreads are carefully crafted so that you taste the full flavor of the fruit, not just the sweetness of sugar.

  • Dollop over a waffle in place of syrup and top with fresh berries.
  • Spoon over vanilla ice cream and top with a few sliced cherries.
  • Spread onto a grilled cheese sandwich with slices of apple and Brie.


To request samples or more information on these delicious holiday spreads from Divina, please Contact Us or your FOODMatch sales rep today.
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