What is a Frescatrano™ Olive?

New olives don't just grow on trees.

Well, actually, that's precisely what they do.  

And the Greek Frescatrano™ is a brand new olive recently launched exclusively by Divina. Here's a quick intro so that when you see these bright green gems at your local deli, you'll be ready to bring home a sample!

What is a Frescatrano™ Olive?

  • A Halkidiki varietal olive from Greece that is unpasteurized and unfermented
  • Similar to the Castelvetrano, by foregoing the fermentation stage of curing, the fruit is able to retain its natural sweetness and vibrant color
  • Arguably the most difficult curing style to master, the Greek Frescatrano is uniquely special in the marketplace and offers a universally pleasing and mild flavor profile

Flavor Profile: Bright, sweet, fruity, buttery, fresh, crisp

Texture: Meaty & juicy

Color: Vibrant green, gem-like

Cheese Pairing: Feta, Brie, Goat, Ricotta, Fresh Mozzarella

How We Use It

  • The mild, yet distinct flavor profile of the Frescatrano makes it the perfect counterpart to cocktails, cheese plates, charcuterie and more.
  • When pitted, it is wonderful in grain salads, pasta dishes, atop crostini or tossed with fresh greens. 
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