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From campus and casual to fast-fine and fancier, FOODMatch ingredients are taking over menus across the country. Our products answer the calls of your customers; GMO-free and responsibly produced food that tastes great! Saving time and labor without sacrificing product quality has never been simpler.

Sourcing & Quality
  • Every great item starts with superior raw materials. Our sourcing team has exclusive access to the most sought after growers in the world.
  • We maintain a consistent fill level to ensure you are never without stock, even in emergencies.
  • With a meticulous adherence to regulation and food safety, our production facilities undergo regular inspections to ensure they are removing all potential health hazards before they enter the supply chain.
Consistency & Standards
  • Olive pit ratios that are the lowest in the industry along with hand and machine sorting for caliber size and piece count are just a few of the ways we ensure consistency amongst our products.
  • Knowing what to expect every time you open a case of FOODMatch product means you can offer reliable plate coverage, flavor, quality and cost.
Signature & Custom Products
  • Our global connections allow us to quickly source, craft and test an item based on your quality and pricing needs.
  • Distinctive offerings like Verjus from Napa Valley and Lucques from Languedoc are as strongly sought after as our core items such as Roasted Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives and Fig Spread.
  • Our internal team of culinary experts regularly develops new products and identifies emerging regions and flavor profiles.
Save Time, Labor and Space
  • Our products are fully prepared and ready to eat.
  • Save time on the cutting board and in the oven by using products like our Roasted Tomatoes, Roasted California Garlic Cloves and Sliced Kalamata olives.