Through the hands of our growers, we create great tasting, responsibly produced, authentic foods that nurture community and enhance your quality of life

Our Story

FOODMatch is a producer of Mediterranean foods, specializing in bulk and retail olives and antipasti; delivering superior quality, compelling packaging, innovation and value. Founded in 1996, FOODMatch is a trusted source and supplier of authentic, all-natural Mediterranean foods.

The more than 350 products in our catalog come from culinary rich and diverse countries including Greece, France, Italy, the United States, Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, India, Mauritius, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Spain and Turkey.

FOODMatch plays an integral role in ensuring the quality of our products. The FOODMatch difference begins in the fields and groves. We work side-by-side with our growers to establish best farming practices. From irrigation and pruning to hand harvesting and selection to artisanal curing, FOODMatch is committed to providing delicious and natural Mediterranean foods that are a true expression of their origin.

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June 13, 2016

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