Specialty Retail & Deli

Olive & Antipasti Bar

  • Drive in-store traffic & create a unique point of difference
  • Often the top selling sku in specialty and a perfect compliment to specialty cheese programs
  • Brine-based program that is simple to maintain throughout the day

Grab & Go Prepack Deli Cups

  • As a provider of our cups, you can cross-merchandise with cheese, hummus & more
  • MAP (brineless) and Organic olive and antipasti selections
  • Minimal packaging and labeling with the iconic Divina quality
  • Shelf-stable & long shelf life; perfect for delivery and online ordering

Olive & Antipasti Pouches

  • Merchandise with cheese & charcuterie; fully shelf stable for ambient display
  • Merchandise on or off the olive bar; perfect for delivery and online orders
  • Featuring our top selling olive and antipasti selections

Specialty Retail Jam, Spreads & Olives

  • Divina isn’t just an olive and antipasti provider; we also offer our fan-favorite and top-selling fig spreads, fruit spreads and savory spreads (onion, olive, pepper) to merchandise with cheese
  • Top sellers and a great basket addition for deli shoppers buying meat, cheese, etc.
  • Perfect for holiday and entertaining displays
  • Pairs perfectly with olives, antipasti, cheese, baked goods & more

Prepared Foods & Bakery

  • We are also a provider of prepped and ready ingredients to elevate your prepared foods program or bakery offerings
  • A provider of chopped olives, roasted and preserved vegetables, sweet and savory spreads, sauces and more
  • The perfect ingredients for pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads and more


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Like walking through a bustling outdoor market in the Mediterranean, we invite you to discover our award winning and responsibly crafted olives, antipasti and ingredients.

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Olive Bar Essentials: Tips for Success

Cleanliness is Key

Monitor for spills, stir to refresh and refill pans regularly


Ensure that the product meets health and safety regulations to maximize shelf life and product quality

Accurate Signage

Provide brief descriptions of product name, flavor and usage ideas

Provide a pit warning sign: “Product May Contain Pits and/or Pit Fragments”

Provide nutritional information along with allergens and ingredients

Sampling & Demos

Demos, passive sampling and providing tasting cups are three effective ways to increase sales and introduce new items

Try to sample by pairing top olives and antipasti with cheese or spreads

Open, Date & Refrigerate

When storing any open product, ensure you place the “open date” on the container and keep product refrigerated

Brine is Just Fine!

Keep all product submerged in its original brine/oil/marinade when in storage

On the bar, keep product in brine and stir every 2-3 hours

Closing Procedures

At night, products should be fully covered and stored in refrigeration

The olive bar should be cleaned according to proper procedure

Cleanliness is Key

Vary colors, flavors and selections on the bar to pique interest

Keep your top sellers in the front

Display pitted and whole olives apart from one another to avoid crossover

Merchandise new and innovative items next to top sellers to encourage trial

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