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Olive & Antipasti Bar

A must-have destination for uniquely prepared ingredients that will satisfy cooks, snackers and entertainers alike. Olive and Antipasti bars bring the Mediterranean farmer’s market experience to life with vibrant, colorful and delicious displays of preserved olives, pickles, vegetables, salads, tapenades and more!

Creating A Destination
  • FOODMatch Olive & Antipasti programs are a top SKU in any specialty or deli department
  • Global supply and sourcing from 14 countries offers wide ranging and unique product choices
  • Our thorough knowledge of crop cycles and seasonality allows us to make product mix adjustments as supply and demand dictate
  • Our product mix creates natural cross-merchandising opportunities with cheese, charcuterie, nuts, hummus, fresh pasta, wine and beer
Authenticity in Origin
  • FOODMatch works with small family-operated farms across the world, supporting small-scale agriculture and biodiversity.
  • Our globally local approach means that shoppers looking for the true expression of a regions culinary heritage can find it on the olive and antipasti bar.
Training & Education
  • A profitable program requires a well-trained staff. Our team of experts will train your team on maintenance, display, product info, opening and closing procedures, taste, usage and more
  • We offer in-store trainings, store opening support and detailed orientation guides on Olive Bar best practices
  • FOODMatch is more than a provider; we are a partner, our success depends on your success
Merchandising & Equipment
  • Our in-house marketing team works with you to create a distinct and compelling brand identity and signage package for your olive bar
  • We also offer merchandising equipment to help display and sell product, on the bar or behind the deli counter
  • Your olive and antipasti program is just that – yours. We’ll make sure it looks and feels unique to your brand