April 22, 2024

Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day!

While autumn is the optimal time to plant an olive tree, they can also be planted in the spring – perhaps as a part of an International Earth Day Celebration! In autumn of 2022, we accompanied one of our Kefalas Village farmers to plant new trees in an organic Kalamata olive grove just outside of Sparta.

After preparing the earth, we gently removed the saplings from their pots and settled them into the ground. We then watered the saplings, prompting the growth of an extensive root system that anchors the tree to the earth and effectively pulls up nutrients and water into the tree for use. These trees will start producing olives in the next few years and for the next few generations. 

We continue to be impressed by the ways olive groves inherently support our sustainability initiatives, a healthy planet, and a brighter future. Today we'd like to honor and celebrate olive groves for providing home to flora and fauna, livelihood for farmers and delicious olives for our tables. 

We hope you may include olives in your celebration today too!