July 28, 2023

Crop Alert: Divina Roasted Tomatoes

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Crop Alert: Divina Roasted Tomatoes

2023 Crop Update: Divina Roasted Tomatoes

“The tomato offers its gift of fiery color and cool completeness.”

Pablo Neruda

Our team in Virginia awoke with eagerness and excitement this morning as we officially kick off our tomato harvesting and roasting season! From now until mid-fall, the fields and production facilities will be preparing the roasted tomatoes that you will enjoy through much of 2024.

As with all FOODMatch specialties, we go through great lengths to secure you the best raw material. For tomatoes, that means securing our crop from fields across the Eastern seaboard (primarily in Pennsylvania, with occasional fill in from New Jersey). To secure top quality tomatoes we pay more per pound than a typical cannery producing ketchup, salsa, or sauce. We coordinate and contract every detail from varietal to seed type with the farmers to get exactly what we need each season.

The 2023 tomato crop looks bountiful. Throughout the growing season, mother nature cooperated, providing rainy nights and sunny days (the ideal combination for tomatoes). While one field in PA was flooded in some low spots, we do not anticipate any issue meeting our projected needs. Should further updates become available, we will share them, but for now, we look forward to the usual award-winning flavor and quality you’ve come to trust in a Divina Roasted Tomato.

Looking for a deeper dive into the quality behind our Roasted Tomatoes? Did you know...

  • Our tomatoes are harvested and processed within 4-24 hours
  • To maintain soil quality, our tomatoes are planted on 3–5-year rotations
    • Rotation allows the soil to reset and allows for less use of insect and pest treatment
  • Our fields use drip irrigation:
    • Allows for almost zero water waste
    • Tomatoes aren’t damaged from water pressure
    • No field flooding, which can damage soil and land
  • Our roasted tomatoes maintain an impressive level of traceability. We can pinpoint each tomato through all cycles of the supply chain:
    • Field
    • Varietal
    • Time picked & truck transported on
    • Date/time/temperature roasted in the oven

For more on our selection of Divina Roasted Tomatoes, including our full catalog of seasoned and unseasoned wedges, cuts, and diced selections, visit our tomato catalog.

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