In the Spotlight: French Sea Salt

For more than 30 years, Esprit du Sel has been harvesting sea salt from Île of Ré on the Atlantic Coast of France. Harvested by hand and dried by the island sun and wind, our French sea salt is all-natural, unrefined, unprocessed and additive free.

Fleur de Sel  

  • A finishing salt known for its natural bright crystals vibrant taste

  • Harvested off the top of salt marshes to preserve its delicate crystallization

  • A high moisture content between 6-7%, allowing the crystals to keep their composure on hot foods

Sel Gris (Grey Sea Salt)

  • Harvested from the bottom of the clay-lined salt marshes

  • Contains a high nutrient content, pure flavor and lower sodium content

  • Ideal for soups, broths, marinades, roasting, etc.

Tips for using Sea Salt

  • Place a small amount of salt crystals in your hand, pinch or crush the crystals between your fingertips and sprinkle over food just before eating or while cooking

Unique Uses

  • Sprinkle a small amount of Fleur de Sel over dark chocolate ice cream or gelato. Add fresh caramel before serving.

  • Dip bread in extra virgin olive oil in place of butter and top off with a few crystals of Fleur de Sel

  • Delicately sprinkle over fresh cut melon and prosciutto

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