May 31, 2022

National Olive Day 2022

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National Olive Day 2022

For more than 25 years, FOODMatch and Divina have defined and shaped the olive category in the United States as the premier producer and importer of Mediterranean specialty ingredients. FOODMatch officially established National Olive Day in the United States seven years ago on June 1st (to coincide with the new crop arrival of Kalamata olives) as a way to honor and celebrate one of the oldest and most diverse foods in the world. Each year the company has marked this commemorative day in a fun and exciting way. And this year is no different. To celebrate National Olive Day this year on June 1st, FOODMatch is launching a new collection of Divina pre-pack deli cups. “We are reinventing our Divina deli cup program to more closely replicate our iconic olive bar experience in a pre-pack, grab-and-go format,” said Brandon Gross, VP of Marketing for FOODMatch. “Retailers and consumers alike will now have the best of both worlds – whether they prefer pre-pack and pack-out cups, the self-serve olive bar, or our popular sealed pouches and jars.


May 09, 2022

Spread the Word: Our Sour Cherry Spread is Gold!

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Spread the Word: Our Sour Cherry Spread is Gold!

We are thrilled to announce that Divina Sour Cherry Spread has been awarded the prestigious SOFI Gold Award by the Specialty Food Association! We are so grateful and honored for this recognition and look forward to celebrating our big win at the 2022 Summer Fancy Food Show.

Meet the Trio

Item 20389 | 9oz glass jar

  • Perfect for specialty deli displays & cross merchandising with cheese

Item D0398 | 3.5lb pail

  • Ideal for menu applications, assemblers, prepared foods, restaurants & more

Item 81289 | 0.7oz portion pack

  • Wonderful for cheese trays, airlines, catering, assemblers, snack packs & more

About Divina Sour Cherry Spread

The sour cherry season is fleeting - typically just a few weeks - so we made it our mission to capture the bright, tart/sweet flavor all year-round in our handcrafted Mediterranean jam. Available in a 9oz glass jar, 3.5lb pail or 0.7oz portion pack, pair this versatile spread with your favorite cheese, pastry or even roast with ham or Brussels sprouts. Be sure to contact your FOODMatch sales representative for samples and more info.

For more on Divina Sour Cherry Spread, check out the latest episode of The Dish with Divina!

For more information on this year's SOFI winners and the Fancy Food Show, visit the Specialty Food Association.

March 08, 2021

Thoughts on 25 Years: A Message from Phil Meldrum, Founder of FOODMatch

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Thoughts on 25 Years: A Message from Phil Meldrum, Founder of FOODMatch

It feels like only yesterday that my father was telling me bedtime stories filled with Greek mythology and legend. It was those stories that captivated an imagination made real by my first trip to Greece in 1993. The lands of antiquity didn’t disappoint. I can so clearly recall the cerulean blue sea, the clay stone, the beaming sunlight, the craggy land scattered with olive groves and the wondrous meals built on the holy trinity of wheat, grapes, and olives. It was those incredible olives I wanted everyone back home to experience. I had never had olives so delicious. In the words of Lawrence Durrell, it was a taste as old as cold water.

My connection to the Mediterranean was solidified when I founded FOODMatch three years later in 1996. Lakis, our first Kalamata grower, warmly welcomed me into his home and I was filled with anticipation as he and his family expressed the love of their land and the pride in their just-harvested olives. I shared my vision for bringing his harvest to appreciating families back in America. It was a partnership and relationship that would grow over the years as he led us to other growers with the same deep care, stewardship, and pride in their family’s harvest.

But as we often come to find, relationships are never without complications. Like the year Lakis’ olive grove was hit by a hail storm leaving him without a harvest. It was a tense moment. But even through those challenging times it was our fundamental trust in each other and shared purpose that built a relationship to span these 25 years.

Reflecting on our 25th anniversary, this mutual trust, appreciation, and purpose propelled us forward to a place I could not have imagined the first time I sat at Lakis’ dining table. It has been the fulfillment of a dream to help create a reliable market for those family harvests and reward our consumers with authenticity and deliciousness while having a positive impact on the environment, local economies, and traditional agriculture.

Connection has always been important to me. It defines how I navigate life. I’m drawn to genuine connection, something particularly challenging to nurture over the past pandemic year. The joy of my years working in a retail cheese shop was guiding shoppers to new discoveries, new tastes, and seeing a smile emerge from the delicious experience we had shared. It’s a longer path to bridge the connection from a farmer in Greece to an olive bar shopper or restaurant patron here in America. But it is made possible by our relationships and our unwavering commitment to quality, taste and education.

Food is love (as imperfect as love is) and building on connections and relationships, one at a time, helps bring people, communities and societies closer to filling a profoundly human need: shared experience and understanding. If our 25th year has taught us any single lesson, it is the value of experience, empathy and kindness.

I often remember a meal – or more specifically, a server I once met at a restaurant in Paris. I was struck by her passion and knowledge as she seemed to understand the nuance of every taste and texture the dish she was bringing would offer. I finally complimented her deep expertise. She admitted her formal training was as a Maître Saucier, a position no longer available at any level due to budget concerns. Yet, it was the secret sauce in a restaurant. “The sauce is the poetry.”, she said.

At FOODMatch, our secret sauce is the relationships built over the last 25 years. Sustained through challenging harvests brought by climate change. Sustained through times like when we had to flee our little office a few blocks north of the World Trade Center. Sustained through port strikes. Sustained through a pandemic. As you can see, sustainability is more than a trendy buzzword around here. And now, after 25 years, I find myself most profoundly thankful for the trust and connection that has sustained us and will continue to carry us forward.

I offer my most heartfelt appreciation and cheers to everyone who is a part of this journey. Twenty-five years in and it still feels like we are only getting started.

With love and gratitude,


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