April 10, 2019

Olive Bar F.A.Q.

Posted in: Mediterranean Diet

How Can I Get the Most Out of My Olive Bar?

Shopping the Olive Bar will let you maximize variety and customize portions specific to how you plan on using your olives or antipasti. Want to enliven a sauce for a small dinner? A couple scoops of Kalamatas may be all you need. Setting up an antipasti platter for a large party? Take a heaping portion of as many products from the bar as you like! 

Should I Scoop Some Brine with my Olives and Antipasto?

Yes, packaging your olives or preserved antipasti in some of the brine from the olive bar helps to keep them from drying out and can extend their lifespan.

Will Products Spoil, or Go Bad on the Olive Bar?

Nope! Olive bar products are properly stored and refrigerated to last from between 3 to 10 days and are promptly removed by store employees at the end of their designated shelf life.

What Does it Mean if an Item on the Bar is Labeled as Fresh?

Items marked “Fresh” on the olive bar are unpasteurized and kept refrigerated through the production processed. This results in a firmer texture and brighter color than standard varieties. These can typically only be found on olive bars.

Am I Allowed to Taste Items from the Olive Bar?

It’s a little known fact that many grocery stores encourage sampling product out of the olive bar! Make sure to ask an employee first to avoid contamination, but tasting new and exciting products is half the fun of the Olive Bar!

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